Lusan Mandongus Wedding Dresses Provide A Uniqueness For Your Big Day

Wedding dresses have remained the focal point in weddings for hundreds of years. Primarily, wedding dresses were less ornate in details and fit.
Nowadays, these dresses encompass everything that a bride should be: classic, elegant, fashion forward yet demure. However, designer wedding dresses encompass elegance and fashion; however, Lusan Mandongus wedding dresses exceed traditional gowns in terms of demure elegance and high-end fashion design.
Despite the overall similarities in wedding gowns and designer wedding gowns, the two are extremely different.
Traditional wedding dresses are exactly that: dresses. They do not fully encompass modern elements, intricate detail and quality materials. Moreover, they often mimic cookie cutter designs of other retail formal wear. In other words, in traditional retail fashion, each dress is a recreation of something that already exists and is less reminiscent of a unique fashion forward gown.
Designer wedding gowns are exactly the opposite. Designer wedding gowns are crafted from special materials like imported silk and lace. Moreover, the designers are individuals that have several years of experience and do not mimic other areas of fashion.
These designers are the trendsetters and ultimately produce unique and quality gowns that are not seen in traditional wedding gowns. Nonetheless, the caliber of designer gowns and wedding gowns are not one in the same.
Mandongus began in 1991 as a small fashion house in Hong Kong. Years after its debut onto the wedding scene, she has continued to flourish and produce quality gowns that remain relevant to fashion as a whole. Unlike other designers that follow trends in wedding gowns, her wedding fashion is inspired by fashion trends and incorporates an edgy flair into each gown. This gives Lusan Mandongus wedding dresses a flair that separates the gowns from other designer wedding gowns.
Lusan Mandongus Wedding dresses are different from other designer gowns in the sense that Lusan Mandongus gowns embody femininity and elegance in a classic way that simultaneously incorporates edgy trends and fashion forward designs.
For instance, the Lusan Mandongus Sheath gowns from the Fall 2011 collection have hybrid shapes in combining a mermaid and a-line dresses together. Also, many of the sheath dresses also have heavy lace. A few of the sheath dresses have bow details to define the waist. The bow detail not only adds definition to the bride's body but the bow is also used to incorporate other fabrics like satin, thus giving the dress dimension in variations in textures.
While Lusan Mandongus collection does not have many ball gowns, the only ball gown that is part of the collection is extremely edgy in the detail on the bodice of the gown. The bottom of the ball gown is light, airy and flowing. Also, the bottom of the ball gown has layers without being completely weighted down.
This is attributable to the type of fabric that is used. Although it is unclear as the exact origin of the fabric, it is similar to charmeuse or poly satin.
Overall, Lusan Mandongus wedding dresses are unlike any other on the market. They are feminine, elegant, yet fashion forward enough to represent even the most modern bride. While they are fashion forward they are not obnoxious overdone.
Lusan Mandongus has contributed a great amount to wedding fashion. In incorporating subtle undertones of high-end fashion designs into wedding gowns, Lusan Mandongus wedding dresses have made fashion relevant to wedding attire again.